What is TRACE technology?

Keyvisual TRACE technology: Fast and accurate PRECISE RESULTS
Keyvisual TRACE technology: No additional processing steps NO ADDITIONAL PROCESSING STEPS
Keyvisual TRACE technology: Less waste LESS WASTE
Keyvisual TRACE technology: Faster results FASTER RESULTS
Keyvisual TRACE technology: Automated timely dilution management AUTOMATED TIMELY DILUTION MANAGMENT


Award-winning chemistry, results you can trust

TRACE technology is the Nobel Prize-winning chemistry underlying the precision and usability of the B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR compact PLUS. TRACE simplifies assay processing and ensures that only signals of interest are detected.

Overcoming challenges in analyte detection

Using fluorophores to detect and quantify molecules of interest in biological samples can be confounded by unspecific signals or characteristics of the sample matrix itself. The problem is commonly solved by isolating the analyte bound to a fluorophore through a series of washing or separation steps that eliminate any background noise. This complicates the processing of tests, which makes room for errors, costs time, and generates wastes.

TRACE, or time-resolved amplified cryptate emission, offers a simpler solution

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Isolating signals over time

Keyvisual TRACE technology: Isolating signals over timeTime-resolved amplified cryptate emission isolates the signal of interest by offsetting it from unspecific signals. Highly stable in biological samples, europium cryptate transfers energy to a fluorophore when both are bound to an analyte. This energy transfer dramatically lengthens the emission signal of the fluorophore. The B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR compact PLUS then delays detection by 50 µseconds, when unspecific signals are already extinguished and only signals relevant to analyte quantification are recorded.

Robust to sample variability

Keyvisual TRACE technology: Robust to sample variability

B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR compact PLUS detects two signals of each sample, which result from the binding of an immune complex with the analyte. The signals are generated by a fluorophore and an europium cryptate bound antibody. Fluorophore and cryptate signals are impacted by sample characteristics that hinder light transmission, however the ratio of the two signals remains an accurate measure of the amount of analyte in a sample regardless of the turbidity, color or other sample characteristic.

Tracking for intelligent sample management

Keyvisual TRACE technology: Tracking for intelligent sample managementThe instrument has then the information needed to automatically dilute the sample and reinitiate analysis.


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