Why use KRYPTOR?

Innovation working for you

With a small footprint and intelligent engineering, KRYPTOR compact PLUS is an established analyzer 
of our KRYPTOR instrument line that brings exceptional value to clinical laboratories.   



Obtain results that you can trust

  • Nobel Prize-winning TRACE technology eliminates the need for wash or separation steps
  • High-quality engineering ensures assay precision
  • Automation and careful assay design guarantee lot-to-lot stability

Load your samples at any time

  • A fully automated bench-top analyzer with easy and continuous sample loading

Use your time and reagents efficiently

  • Minimal reagent use and small quantities of liquid waste
  • Long time interval between easy, one- or two-point recalibrations
  • Up to 12 cooled kits can be loaded for several hundred determinations

Our support team offers expert know-how and solutions

  • Quickly access customer support via remote service
  • Count on responsive and knowledgeable instrument support

Easily manage samples and workflows

  • Low hands-on time and intuitive interface streamlines sample analysis
  • STAT function to quickly analyze emergency samples
  • Detection of out-of-range samples, which are automatically diluted in <5 minutes to deliver results fast
  • Timely warning flags regarding issues with samples, such as presence of particles or bubbles
  • Color-coded, real-time display of testing status

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