Technical Specifications B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR GOLD



System Description

Fully automated random access immunoassay analyzer


Up to 115 tests per hour; 600 samples w/o interaction in 8 hours (test specific)


TRACE (time-resolved amplified cryptate emission)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

93 cm x 73 cm (121 cm with tower light or with open hood) x 72 cm 


118 kg

Noise The A-weighted equivalent continuous sound pressure level at
operator’s position: LAeq 66,1 dB
Electric power consumption 650W

Operating Modes

Random access, batch, emergency (STAT)

Signal generation

Nitrogen laser, 120 μJ/pulse, 20 Hz, emission at 337 nm

Sample and Reagent Distribution

1 x heated, teflon-coated steel needle; automatic wash step between different tests

Reaction range

37 - 40 °C, temperature monitored

Reaction medium

Specific reaction plate with 120 wells

Incubation Time

9 - 59 minutes (test specific)

Sample Volume

8 - 70 µl (test specific)

Sample Test Tubes

Primary and secondary test tubes, diameter 11 - 17 mm, 
variable from sample to sample special adapter for micro test tubes

Sample capacitiy Up to 80 samples divided in 5 sample racks a 16 samples

Sample Identification

Barcode recognition and manual entry

Sample Check -up

Liquid-level monitoring, clot recognition

Sample Material

Serum or Plasma (assay specific)

Calibration Method

Reference curve shipped with reagents, calibration every 1 - 2 weeks, 1- and 2-point calibration (test specific); 
Exception TRAK assay: calibration valid for 5 days (1 or 2 levels, double determination)

Reagent Capacity

Up to 16 different or identical kit boxes

Reagent Identification

Barcode recognition or manual entry

Quality Control Method

Individual QC with barcode recognition

Quality Control Software

Levey Jennings QC Software

Quality Control Components

Control package separately

Online Connection

LIS interface; interface to prenatal screening risk calculation
software products

Quality control Comprehensive QC software package (content depends on 
software version); control-area entry via barcode
Maintenance Daily, weekly, monthly (predominantly automated and

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